Firewall Upgrades – 16/11/2017 21:00-23:00

We need to carry out some updates on our firewalls to ensure that our levels of security are maintained at the highest levels.

This work is scheduled from 9pm to 11pm on the 16th November and each firewall will be upgraded separately to minimise the risk to your services.  Whilst we do not anticipate any interruption to your services during this work there is the possibility that some disruption may occur and you should therefore consider your services to be at risk.

You may wish to make other users aware if they are likely to be using the services at this time.

If you experience any issues then please report these through our support portal.



Update – 16/11/2017 23:00

The upgrade to the firewalls have now been successfully completed.

This brings this maintenance window to a close.


Email Issues – 04/11/2017

It was established that we had an issues with our email solutions today and messages to and from external sources were not being processed.

Unfortunately some messages were being passed through the system which meant monitoring alerts were not triggered.

Once discovered we quickly resolved the issue and all backlogged messages were processed shortly afterwards.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused.


DNS Issues – 18/09/2017

Currently some users may be experiencing issues with DNS.

Worknet use an external source for domain name hosting and this 3rd party reported issues at approximately 11.30am this morning.

This will effect companies that have domain name hosting services with Worknet and may cause problems with their websites or receiving email.

There may also be problems connecting to for RDS and Hosted Exchange services.

We apologies for any inconvenience that this may have cause but we are in contact with the 3rd party and we hope the issue will be resolved shortly.


Update – 18/09/2017 12:25pm

The issue appears to be resolved but we are still checking and awaiting official confirmation from the 3rd party. We will discuss the issue with them and determine if there are any changes required in the future.



Update – 18/09/2017 1:00pm

We have been informed that this was caused by a hardware failure that was replaced as soon as it was determined.

Fault is now resolved.

Connectivity Problems – 18/09/2016

Some users may be experiencing connectivity problems to our Hosted Desktop solutions at the moment. This is due to difficulties with a 3rd party DNS service and currently the server names used to connect to the platform are not being resolved correctly by them. They are aware of the issue and it is currently being investigated.

Our system is still online and fully operational but would need to be accessed by an alternative process of using an IP address rather that domain name.

Some email services are also effected by this issue.

We can provide alternative connection details on a case by case basis by calling 01628 560121 or by sending an SMS message to 07798 808284.

Apologies for any inconvenience that this may have cause but we are in contact with the 3rd party and we hope the issue will be resolved shortly.






System Outage – 09/03/16

At 18.17 there was a system outage which prevented access to any service held within our data-centre. This lasted for approximately 10 minutes and normal service was resumed at 18:28.

Initial tests show that there was no issue with any of Worknet’s equipment and the problem is believed to be Internet related. This is currently being investigated by our data-centre and we will report back as soon as we have an update.


Update – 11/03/16 5:00pm

Our data-centre have confirmed that they have discovered that the issue was with one of their edge nodes which was shown to have high memory usage during the incident. They have engaged with the hardware supplier and will update us when they receive further information on the root cause.


Update – 04/04/16 3:00pm

Our data-centre has stated that, although they are still in communication with the hardware vendor about a permanent solution, they have a fix in place to prevent further issues. We will continue to monitor the situation with them and provide further updates if supplied.